Altrucoin Intro

Why was Altrucoin created?

The Altrucoin token and project were created to increase the legitimacy of the cryptocurrenty field in general by creating a platform for BSC token teams to add use cases to their token projects. We aim to overcome the current problem of an oversaturation of crypto scams firstly by leading by example and being a legitimate token project ourselves and also offering a way for other token projects to easily add a use case like staking, referral systems, bonding systems, and more to their projects.
The project was also created for the simple reason of wanting to make the world a better place. We have integrated a charity funding mechanism into our project that is used to donate to helpful organizations around the world.
We pride ourselves on being a legitamate token project that has been running for a decent amount of time and has worked to integrate new and innovative technology into the crypto field while also helping the world.
Last modified 1mo ago