Project History
Altrucoin (Altrucoin, LLC) is a token project based out of Houston, USA and was created in June 2021. Altrucoin ($ALTRU) is an upgraded and merged version of two previous tokens run by the Altruism Protocol team, Altrucoin ($ALTRUCOIN) and BankerDoge ($BANKER).
Altrucoin ($ALTRUCOIN) was first launched in early June 2021, with the eventual use case of DeFi lending. During development, the team created a staking vault for their long-term holders and were later approached by other BSC projects to make a staking vault for their token. The Altrucoin team realized the potential for staking vaults and decided to develop another token to add to the Altrucoin ecosystem, which was the BankerDoge ($BANKER) token.
BankerDoge was launched in September 2021, with the use case of adding staking systems and other decentralized technologies to other BSC tokens. These vaults and defi products would create the token reserves to fund $ALTRUCOIN’s defi-lending system.
However, in December of 2021, BitMart experienced a security breach which allowed the hacker to acquire tokens from several different projects, including $ALTRUCOIN. Our team quickly froze the contract and withdrew the liquidity to preserve the value of the token. BitMart suggested a contract redeploy during which the community overwhelmingly voted to merge $ALTRUCOIN and $BANKER. This merger resulted in the new version of Altrucoin ($ALTRU), which put the best parts of both projects under one token.
The Altrucoin ($ALTRU) token relaunched in March 2022 with plans of building an entire smart contract ecosystem involving staking, bonding, referral systems, and defi-lending.
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