The Altrucoin Ecosystem is the heart and soul of the Altrucoin project. It consists of several parts that all work together: bonding system (in development), treasury (in development), Altrucoin vault, platform vaults, and platform referrals that all help to increase the utility and price of the $ALTRU token. This page will discuss how the ecosystem works together.

Initial Purchase

When purchasing Altrucoin, you can buy using 3 methods:
  • Decentralized Exchange
    • Normal transaction fees and tokens are held in your wallet.
  • Bonding System Purchase
    • Purchased at a discount and your tokens are automatically staked into the vault for 30 days.
  • Referral System Purchase
    • You can buy tokens with a discount and they are held in your wallet.
IMPORTANT: Only staked tokens receive reflections and rewards. If you purchase through a decentralized exchange or referral link, you will need to manually stake your tokens in the vault.

Vault Rewards

All of the ecosystem rewards filter into the vault. When tokens are staked in the vault they earn rewards from 4 sources:
  • Vault Entry and Exit Fees
    • The vault has a 5% entry and exit fee, 4% of which gets distributed proportionally to stakers as rewards.
  • Team Airdrops
    • The Altrucoin team occasionally send stakers an $ALTRU token airdrop. The airdrops are sent to the vault and distributed proportionally as rewards.
  • Token Reflections
    • All of the Altrucoin token's reflections are sent to the vault. Tokens that are just held and not staked in the vault will not recieve token reflections.
  • Bonding System Purchases
    • When people buy through the bonding system, those tokens are automaticlly staked in the vault which provides rewards through the vault entry and exit fees. Additionally, a portion of their purchase is minted and sent to the vault as rewards.

Limited-Mint Bonding System

The ecosystem is set up to prevent over-minting, which is a common problem with most bonding systems in the crypto field. The tokens purchased from the bonding system originate from various sources.

Decentralized Onboarding

Decentralized onboarding is an automatic system that allows other token projects to make staking vaults and referral systems for their projects. Every product has a mechanism integrated into it that buys Altrucoin tokens and supplies them to the vault.

Staking Vaults

In every partner vault, there is a platform fee added to every entry and exit transaction. These fees are collected and used to buy Altrucoin token which are then sent to the bonding system to supply it with tokens.

Initial Bonding Supply

Apart from the decentralized onboarding platform, there are 3 other token sources for the bonding system:
  • Initial Bonding Supply
    • When the token was launched, 20% of the total supply was reserved to serve as the initial bonding supply when it was first released.
  • Tokenomics Team Fee
    • The Altrucoin token has a 1% team fee on every transaction. Instead of going directly to the vault, they are sent to the bonding system.
  • Vault Team Fee
    • There is a 1% platform fee on the Altrucoin vault. Instead of these tokens going directly to the vault, they are sent to the bonding system to supply it with tokens.


Whenever someone buys through the bonding system, the funds used to purchase them are sent to the Altrucoin treasury, which has 3 main purposes:
  • Price Floor Fund
    • This fund is a reserve of Altru tokens that are used to ensure that the price of $ALTRU does not go below a certain level. This funds is used for token-backing and any necessary buybacks. The price-floor will also be helpful for the future of the Altrucoin token as a defi-lending collateral.
  • Company Development Fund
    • These funds are used to fund any development projects for the Altrucoin ecosystem.
  • Initial Defi-Lending Supply
    • Part of the funds will be kept in a reserve that will be used later as backing for the defi-lending platform in the future.