Project History
Altrucoin ($ALTRUCOIN) was first launched in early June, with the eventual use case of DeFi lending. As the team created a staking vault for long term holders to gain rewards while the team worked on further development, projects started approaching the team about adding a staking vault for their project. The Altrucoin team realized the potential for vaults to add value to the project through partnering with other projects, and started work on it.
As part of including other projects vaults in the revenue generation for the Altrucoin project, the team also thought about how the ecosystem might work together. Thus BankerDoge ($BANKER) was created. BankerDoge would hold the extra services and act as a store of tokens, while Altrucoin would act as the loaning and collateral mechanisms for DeFi lending. Both projects were created by the same team.
In December of 2021, BitMart experienced a security breach which allowed the hacker to take tokens from several different projects, including $ALTRUCOIN. Our team quickly froze the contract and withdrew the liquidity to preserve the value of the token, and BitMart suggested a contract redeploy. During this redeploy, the community overwhelmingly voted to merge $ALTRUCOIN and $BANKER. This merge resulted in the new version of Altrucoin ($ALTRU), which had the best parts of both projects under one umbrella.
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