Basic Info

  • Ticker: ALTRU
  • Contract Address: 0x377ef66728d344bfa2bb370186ab4b57092577bd
  • Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)
  • Decimals: 18

Use Case


Altrucoin has a staking vaults for its holders to earn passive rewards and it also offers staking vaults as a product that can be added to other token projects. With our decentralized onboarding application, token teams can make a vault without any development work! Every token that we partner with helps the project and increase rewards for Altrucoin stakers.
Learn about how Altrucoin tokenomics help stakers here.

Referral Systems

Altrucoin has a referral system for its users to get rewarded for sharing the token and encouraging purchases. And it also allows for other token projects to build referral systems for their projects. Learn more about our referral systems here.

Bonding/Treasury System

The Altrucoin bonding system allows people to buy $ALTRU at a discount while also providing rewards to the Altrucoin vault to be distributed to stakers as rewards. Unlike most bonding systems, we implement mechanisms that prevent over-minting of tokens.
The treasury system is a reserve of $ALTRU tokens that come from the bonding system that are used to help create a price floor, development, and will be the initial funds for defi-lending.
Altrucoin will evolve its staking platform into a system for defi-lending. The interest gained from loans will go towards boosting the APY of the Altrucoin vault and increasing rewards for Altrucoin stakers.
Decentralized Governance
Altrucoin strives to increase decentralization of the platform and token, ensuring no one entity will have complete control over the Altrucoin project. Altrucoin will also be decentralizing the onboarding of new projects for vaults and referral systems, substantially increasing the number of projects that can be hosted on the platform.
Global Initiative Voting
Altrucoin give to altruistic organizations from the funds produced from the global initiative fee on buys and sells. If you hold Altrucoin in your wallet or have it staked, you have a vote in where those funds get allocated. Using our voting app, you can select which organize you would like to receive funding.
Participate in our global initiative voting here.