Token Benefits

Project Benefits

The bonding mechanism allows the project to benefit from the dynamic change in price based on tokens issued, creating additional funds to add to the treasury and to development and improvement of features. The treasury will act as a stable price floor for the token, which you can read about in the Treasury section.
This means that Altrucoin is able to acquire its own liquidity and other stablecoin assets by selling $ALTRU at a discount in exchange for these assets. The $ALTRU provided in the bonding mechanism will specify the amount that can be bought/sold, the price, and the automatic staking period.

Holder Benefits

In addition to the creation and increase of the stable price floor, the bonding system also directly benefits holders. Because the system is able to dynamically adjust the price, holders are able to purchase $ALTRU at a discount compared to standard exchanges. The purchased tokens are then automatically staked, allowing users to reap rewards from the staking pool.


All tokens purchased through the bonding system will be automatically staked for 30 days to prevent users from immediately buying and selling to exploit the discount mechanism. During this time, users will still receive rewards from the staking pool, increasing their total amount held.