Staking Vaults

What is Staking?

Staking is a method of earning passive income by sending your tokens to a smartcontract, which simply holds your tokens and distributes rewards. Whenever someone inputs or removes their tokens from a staking smart contract, they pay a fee determined by the vault developers.
These fees are distributed to everyone in the vault proportional to their share of tokens in the vault. Therefore, the more tokens you hold in the vault and the longer you keep them in the vault, the more rewards you will earn because you will be collecting more of staker's entry and exit fees. There are also other methods to earn rewards during staking, which can be explained here.
This makes staking is a great way to make use of tokens that are being held.

What is the Altrucoin Staking Platform?

The Altrucoin staking dApp allows token project developers to make a customized staking vault for their token that is hosted on the Altrucoin platform without any development necessary. Not only does the platform hosts a a collection of vaults, but every partner vault helps produce rewards for Altrucoin stakers. Each of the vaults have a small platform fee that is eventually sent to the Altrucoin vault as rewards for $ALTRU stakers. Therefore, the more vaults the platform hosts, the more rewards $ALTRU stakers earn.
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