Holder Benefits


A staking vault provides many benefits for holders, especially long-term holders. Below are a list of reasons and benefits to staking and adding your tokens in an Altrucoin vault.

High APY

The vaults, especially surrounding high rates of entry, acquire some of the largest APYs on BSC platforms. These APYs can bring significant rewards to holders and serve as a measurable source of income.
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Passive Income

All of the rewards earned while in the vault are completely passive. No action of the user, beside keeping their tokens in the vault, is required to earn rewards. This offers holders a opportunity to earn rewards while holding their tokens.

Additional Rewards

There are many ways in which stakers earn rewards apart from entry and exit vault fees. Depending on the specification of the vault determined by the token's team, stakers can earn rewards from additional reflections, airdrops, redistributions and even Defi-lending interest. These additional rewards diversify the source of funds to the vault and also feed a constant source of rewards to stakers. APY increases, extra airdrops, and new vault features give holders a constant source of exciting news about the project.